Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We have established the Crypto Beach with the aim to promote and support both Thai and foreign Crypto Community. We intend to use the cryptocurrency in everyday life. Wheter Tourism, Real estate, Shop and Accommodation . Start from Phuket Patong Beach, the place that is one of the most beach in the world as a sample area. in everyday life. Whether in tourism, real estate, shop and accommodation. Start from Phuket Patong Beach as a experimental area.

Our Vision

Cryptocurrency financial dealers in Thailand have been studying and doing business about cryptocurrency since several years ago. However, there is not any concrete support and benefit in Thai economy. Also some people use cryptocurrency to commit crime , for examples, money laundering and cheating. These situations make Thai citizens have a bad attitude towards cryptocurrency.

Hence, we need to build simulated ecosystem to make Thai citizens truthfully understand cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Moreover, we need Crypto beach association can be knowledge center about cryptocurrency to improve its image.

Finally, we want to be a representative who drive the digital currency laws as well as in Japan and Switzerland.

Why Phuket, Thailand ?

Many reasons inspire us to choose Patong beach, Phuket to be Crypto Beach

  • Phuket is one of the world's most visited cities.

    Especially “Patong beach” is a traveling centre for long time. Several business were established from/in this place frequently. Patong town is ready for many differential business because of the facility and quality of lives.

  • It is high spending power city.

    It attract world’s large organizations to invest.

  • It is high universality.

    Business networking can be built easily. In the FinTech era, we can push Patong beach to be a cryptocurrency business town called “Crypto beach”. Also, we can help modern financial business working with cryptocurrency and blockchain to apply in real life , for instance, tourism, real estate, exchange, shop & restaurant, hotel, etc. These can add economic value to town and this country.

Nowaday, many technology developer groups applied blockchain technology with differential industries.

Digital ecosystem foundation in Phuket, we begin from building a small economic model under OCEAN NAGA project which includes restaurants, shops, real estates, games center, tourism and other business. These businesses are cryptocurrency accepted. After that, this model will expand to other businesses in Patong and Phuket. In addition, we provide blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to advice entrepreneurs.