Why Phuket, Thailand ?

Why Thailand ?

cryptocurrencies are still new to many Countries around the world. Including in Thailand as well. However, the Thai Government has seen significance and growth rate of new technologies that happens in the world. Which includes financial technology like digital currency. Therefore, on May 14, 2018, Thailand has announced the Royal Decree regarding digital asset business 2018, which is defined as the meaning of digital assets. The offering of digital tokens including setting tax rates from investment in buying-selling in digital assets, etc., together with the potential of Thailand that can be a regional investment technology hub and the world.

Why Phuket ?

Not only the center of famous marines tourism but also the city development plan, Phuket is one of the pilot provinces. Smart City, which has both Thai and foreign tourists coming to visit Phuket, with over 13 million people per year, numbers in 2016 indicate that foreign tourists came in as many as 9,641,703 people or 71% of all incoming tourists and there is an increasing  trend.

In accordance with the guidelines for the development of Phuket Smart City. Which Phuket 7 guidelines covering all aspects of economic development, namely smart tourism,smart economy, smart safety, smart environment, smart healthcare, smart education and smart governance along with investment structure continuous basis for comfortable travel. Whether it be an international airport that is an economic center, development the province into a "MICE city" of Andaman, including being a center for medical hub and international maritime sports center. Can summarize the potential of Phuket as follows.

Being center of tourism, with many outstanding tourist resources

Being Human resources in the service sector in the province have a good foundation and high experience

Linking the provinces and regions and developing to international

Ready to be a center for MICE activities

Being the center of the ASEAN Marina

There are 7 Smart City development plans for the province; Smart Tourism, Smart security, Smart Environment, Smart Economy, Smart Health, Smart Education and Smart Governance

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